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michael pisaro | shades of eternal night (2018)

The second of two new releases on Michael Pisaro’s revived Gravity Wave imprint, Shades of Eternal Night is far less startling than its companion piece – Étant donnés, on which Pisaro builds tracks around Curtis Mayfield, John Carpenter, and Dmitri … Continue reading

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éric la casa / taku unami | parazoan mapping (2015)

Here’s another challenging, provocative album from the recent Erstwhile Records batch. Like a lot of records in this area of late, it’s a tricky blend of styles and approaches, seemingly highly conceptual in nature but without spelling out what its … Continue reading

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graham lambkin / michael pisaro | schwarze riesenfalter (2015)

Lambkin and Pisaro are two of the most exciting musicians around, albeit in very different ways and for very different reasons. There is, on the surface, a sizeable gap between Lambkin’s raw, intense sound collages and the more studied, rigorous … Continue reading

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